We Stand with Israel

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Today we’re diving into week 2 of the Bible study, Why Israel Matters.  If you are finding this site for the first time, “Welcome!”  Our study is happening live at CalvaryPHX (in Phoenix AZ) at 11:00 am on Sunday mornings.  However, for those outside the Phoenix area, we’re summarizing teachings here.

Week 2’s study is entitled We Stand with Israel.  Having spent last week laying the foundation of why Israel matters, it is only natural to move into the reasons Christians should stand with Israel.  So, let’s get going with today’s mini-study!

First, one of the key tenets of the study is development of the habit of praying for Israel.  I hope you are doing that!  ICEJ’s Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative is a great aid in guiding you through regular prayer.

Approximately the size of New Jersey (or my home county, Maricopa County AZ) and population less than New York City, Israel’s presence confirms God’s Word.  Her rebirth is a testament of His faithfulness, and today, Israel is prosperous and the only true democracy in the Middle East.

The Abrahamic Covenant (which we will study in a few weeks) is foundational to Israel’s existence and God’s plan.  Thus, if we are to understand God’s plan, Israel is important!  Indeed, Israel matters!  God gave the land of Canaan to the Jewish people, then told us in Genesis 12:3 that those who bless Israel will be blessed.  Israel has a special role in God’s plan!

So, why should Christians support Israel?

  1. It is a spiritual assignment!  We are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 1226-9), to be watchmen on the wall (Isaiah 62:6-7, principle in Ezekiel 33:1-6), and to honor, bless and stand with the Jewish people (Genesis 12:3, Isaiah 40:1, 41:11-12, 60:10-12).
  2. We share common values.  Freedom, democracy, human rights and coming to the aid of those in need are equally important to Christians and Israel.
  3. Israel is the protector of Christians in the Middle East.  In fact, Israel is virtually the only safe place for Christians in the Middle East.

Furthermore, America as a nation should support Israel as well!  Not only do we share common democratic values, but we work together militarily.  Most of us are aware of the military hardware, including the new F-35 fighter jets, sold to Israel.  But did you know Israel shares their technological advances (such as specialized helmets, targeting technology and more) with the US?  That cooperation helps make the US and Israeli military capabilities the best in the world!

For these reasons and more, we stand with Israel!  We’ll examine other reasons as we progress through the study this week.  Be sure to stay tuned.

Meanwhile, open your Bible to Isaiah 62 and consider verse 2 your key prayer verse this week!

See you tomorrow!

Christians, Stand with Israel!

Welcome back friends!

On Monday, I focused on a few Arab-Israelis who, at least to some degree, “get it” when it comes to Israel.  They realize that, as Arabs living in Israel, they enjoy far more freedom than their Arab compatriots in neighboring countries.  I believe God is at work revealing His truth to all who will listen…including Muslim people!

Yesterday, the focus turned to God’s choice of the Jews to be the vehicle through which Jesus the Messiah was revealed.  Though they missed the day of His visitation (Luke 19:41-44), God’s covenant with them still remains.  Thankfully, our gracious God has offered a way of salvation to us as Gentiles, despite Israel’s failure to recognize their Messiah.

Today, I encourage Christians everywhere to stand with Israel!  You see, we owe much to the Jewish people.  Jesus, our Savior and Lord, is Jewish!  We would not have our Bible if not for the Jewish Pentateuch and Torah.  Worship was originated in a Jewish tabernacle!  We owe a tremendous debt to our Judaic heritage, thus, it is important that we stand with Israel.

Take a few moments to enjoy this news report from a Christian perspective.  There are Christ followers in the land of Israel, and slowly but surely Christians are rebuilding bridges of reconciliation with the Jewish people after centuries of persecution and/or neglect of them by Christians.  May you be encouraged to join that effort, and to stand with Israel!  Enjoy!