What is the Value of God’s Word?

Happy Monday everyone! This week let’s do something a little differently…let’s ask questions! Here’s our first one:

Honestly, have you ever thought about how valuable God’s Word is? It is an anchor in the storms of life. It is the strong tower into which we run when we need a shelter. It is the plumbline of truth when we seek to know His ways. It is the assurance of God’s goodness in a world filled with evil. It is our assurance of salvation when the world threatens to snuff us out. It is our guiding light when our pathway seems dark. For many of us, it was the roadmap to salvation. It is how our glorious God and Savior communicates with us.

Undoubtedly, you could add to that list, but I think it is safe to assume that God’s Word is priceless. We cannot live without out. God tells us to hide His Word in our hearts, and to also to share it far and wide. It is the spiritual breath we breathe. I suspect most would agree it is impossible to put a price tag on God’s Word when it comes to it’s value in our lives. It is truly priceless to us.

However, one of the oldest, nearly complete manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible, handwritten in Hebrew on 792 pages of sheepskin over 1,000 years ago recently sold for $38.1 million! The Codex Sassoon was purchased by a Jewish group for a Tel Aviv museum.

Apparently, that group found great value in the Word of God as well. However, consider this: Money can’t buy salvation that God’s Word offers for free.

I am excited that someone realizes $38.1 million in value of one of the oldest Scriptural manuscripts in the world. From a worldly perspective, it is worth every penny!

But aren’t you glad that God’s economy is not tied to our earthly one? Value and worth, for the Christian, are rooted in the truth of God, communicated through His Word. That should make us love God’s Word more and more every day!

What’s God’s Word worth to you?

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