Arabs Blessing Jews This Passover

At sundown tonight Jews around the world will begin the weeklong celebration of Passover, a time of remembrance of the Lord’s rescue of the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage. It is the holiest of celebrations and the first of the seven major feasts of Israel.

But our focus today is a bit different than what you might expect. With all the tension in the world, who would believe that Arabs will minister to Jewish people today in a most profound way! True, it is not common, in general, but when the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob gets hold of hearts, He can turn even Israel’s enemies into vessels for His use!

Far from enemies, Home of Jesus the King Church in Nazareth makes a habit of ministering to Jews and Arabs, though the church is Arab! Pastor Saleem Shalash and his congregation love the Lord with all their hearts, and it is confirmed through the love of Yeshua (Jesus) that is shown in their acts of service and kindness to Holocaust survivors, IDF soldiers, and poverty-stricken Jewish people with whom they will distribute hundreds of Passover boxes filled with items necessary to observe the Jewish feast of Passover.

As you witness the work of Pastor Saleem and his team, please pray for the people who will be blessed with these supplies, and pray for the outreach of Home of Jesus the King Church. (It is a great ministry to support if you are looking to sow financial seeds into the kingdom of God.) Pray…and enjoy!

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