Take Action to Protect Children in TN

American friends, evil is attacking our nation at every turn. I sincerely hope you will heed the call to prayer mentioned this morning by participating in that prayer event tomorrow (Wednesday) evening. It is free and can be attended online.

In addition, as believers in Jesus Christ, we take a stand on every issue. We either rise to fight for righteousness or we do nothing and allow evil to gain another foothold. There is no middle ground. There is no place of neutrality. Jesus said, He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad. (Matthew 12:30)

At 3pm Eastern time today, the City of Franklin TN’s Board of Alderman will vote on whether or not to approve an application for a gay pride/drag parade in downtown Franklin. This, of course, comes immediately after the heinous attack by a self-proclaimed transgender person on a Christian school in nearby Nashville. In the midst of what has historically been a strong family-oriented, conservative area, evil now pushes hard in search of a foothold.

Wherever you are, you are affected. We are losing our cities, states and nation, so all of us must fight for what is right, particularly when it comes to children. Please take 3 minutes to email the aldermen (city council) of Franklin TN. Below are their publicly published email addresses and sample text you may copy/paste into your email (or write your own). Include your name as you sign off. Be kind but firm in your request. Please act quickly to this request and encourage others to do likewise.


Please Vote NO to Gay Pride/Drag Queen Parade

Dear Honorable Alderman - 

First, a sincere thanks for your service to the people of Franklin.

I am respectfully but strongly requesting a NO vote on the issue of a gay pride/drag queen parade anywhere in any jurisdiction you govern.  The hateful incident that just took place in Nashville would be reason enough.  However, please consider the principle of the whole thing: The agenda of radical players tramples children's rights and destroys their innocence.  That is true no matter where one stands on the political spectrum.  Things that pervert and destroy kids will ultimately destroy a city, state and nation.

Please do not become part of a larger problem.  Stop this now by voting NO to the request to parade immorality and pure evil up and down the streets of Franklin.

[Your Name]

Friends, your voice matters. Thank you for standing up for righteousness and protecting children.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

~Matthew 5:16

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