Building Bridges Through Generations

Having just returned from Israel, my heart rejoices in the efforts put forth by Jewish, Arab and Palestinian pastors who are pouring out their lives in ministry to people of all ethnic backgrounds. In the name of Jesus, they are building bridges between people groups whom history would describe as mortal enemies.

Yet, when Jesus enters the picture, everything changes! Jews and Arabs become brothers and sisters in Christ, and the love of Jesus is made known throughout Israel and the Middle East.

While in Israel, we spent time with Messianic Jewish Pastor Israel Pochtar and Arab Pastor Saleem Shalash. These men have incredible love and respect for one another which they carry into ministry. If you missed Jewish and Arab Brothers Together in Ministry, check it out!

But there is more to this story! The families of both men love the Lord with all their hearts and are involved in ministry as well. In fact, Pastor Saleem and Pastor Israel have sons who are following in their fathers’ footsteps! In the picture above, you see Sasson Pochtar (Pastor Israel’s son) with Pastor Saleem. Now, I want you to hear them share about their joint ministry efforts:

Imagine Jews reaching out to Arabs and Arabs reaching out to Jews! That is precisely what is happening in Israel and throughout the Middle East, thanks to men of God and their families who love the Lord Jesus and wish to make His name known!

Our visits with Palestinian, Arab and Jewish pastors in Israel were very impacting. So much so that a very talented woman on our tour immediately turned her God-given painting skills into a ministry opportunity! Called Paint it Forward, this tour guest hand-paints beautiful greeting cards and prints, and proceeds go to support the work of those pastors we met while in Israel! She takes requests, and here are some examples:

If you would like to invest in the love of Jesus being spread throughout Israel, this is a fantastic way to do so. Check out Paint it Forward and PM Linda for pricing and to order!

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