More from Pastor Israel Pochtar

A trip to Israel is invaluable for so many reasons, but when visitors experience Israel in deep and meaningful ways, they are changed forever. One of the life-changing experiences our tour group had was connecting with Messianic Jewish, Arab and Palestinian pastors who are doing absolutely incredible work in Israel and throughout the Middle East. If you missed yesterday’s post, Arab and Jewish Brothers Together in Ministry, I urge you not to miss the blessing!

Pastor Israel Pochtar, a Jewish pastor from Ashdod, is one of those amazing servants of God. Together with Arab and Palestinian pastors, Pastor Israel ministers to people of all ethnic backgrounds, sharing the love of Christ.

Knowing and understanding what God intends for the body of Christ, no matter our nationality or ethnic roots, is critical for every believer. Thus, Pastor Israel also recognizes the importance of his Jewish roots.

Blessing Israel and praying for the peace of Jerusalem is commanded in Scripture and Pastor Israel encourages us all to take our place as watchmen on the walls. Hear his exhortation to us from the Old City walls of Jerusalem.

Friends, we live in the time and season to be about the Father’s business, so we would be wise to heed Pastor Israel’s exhortation. Will you take a few moments now to take your place as a watchman by praying for Israel?

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