How Do You Follow up a Visit to the “Toilet Factory?”

In a day that will not soon be forgotten, we followed up our adventure to Lipski with a stop at One for Israel, an Israeli ministry who happens to coordinate our tours. However, they do so much more than that.  We toured their small facility and had the honor of hearing staff members describe various aspects of the ministry and its impact on Jews, Arabs and Palestinians. The outreach is unimaginable, as their evangelistic videos have been viewed over 50 million times! Beyond that, Israel College of the Bible (a sister ministry) is a training pastors and laypeople to effectively minister wherever God has placed them.

On to Caesarea we went following lunch at OFI.  At Caesarea by the Sea, we toured the Roman-influenced ancient city, including the theater, hippodrome (where chariot races took place) and Herod’s palace. We also studied Acts 10 to learn that the Gospel first went to the Gentiles at this very place!  If not for what occurred right there at Caesarea, the Gospel may never have reached us. Take some time to read that chapter.

Prior to making our way to Haifa, we made a quick stop at the infamous aqueduct that Herod built to transport water for the luxurious spas and other uses in Caesarea. (Alumni from the 2019 tour will recall why that site is infamous!)

Once in Haifa, we journeyed to a place I had not been before: the top of Baha’i Gardens, above the temple.  I had seen it from below, but never from above. What a sight! Though chilly and windy, we enjoyed the beautiful view with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

We ended our day at the German Colony Hotel in Haifa, a quaint hotel that welcomed us with plush bathrobes, slippers, and chocolate on our pillow! What can be better than that!  We also enjoyed a fantastic dinner together at a delightful Arab-run restaurant across the street.  The food just kept coming!  Eating Mediterranean, whether Jewish or Arab is quite a treat. The veggies are so fresh and the blend of spices and olive oil are unique to each culture in Israel.  So tasty and (mostly) guilt-free!

What a day it was, but I bet no one ever forgets the visit to the “toilet factory!” (See previous post if you missed it!)

Above: Viewing the Torah on display at One for Israel, Aly guiding us at Caesarea, our group overlooking Herod’s palace at Caesarea

Above: teaching at Caesarea, Herod’s aqueduct, Bahai’i Temple and Gardens from above

Above: Shhh…don’t tell my group I sneaked away for this “I Love Hafa” picture (I was actually shopping for an item I left at home when I ran across it!), Bahai’i Temple and Garden from below

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