Why the US Stands with Israel…and Why it is Worth It!

In a few short days our tour group will set foot in Israel, the land of the Bible! We are so blessed to be able to experience the land, the culture and the people of Israel, while also gaining deep understanding of Biblical principles. There truly is nothing like going to Israel! I hope you will follow along with us as we go there.

Meanwhile, it is important to understand why the US stands with Israel. Truly, the only reason necessary is that the Bible promises blessings to those who bless Israel and curses to those who curse Israel. (Genesis 12:3) But it is truly more than that. The Bible comes alive and something happens at the core of a believer when he or she visits that place.

From a geopolitical perspective, it is also important that nations stand with Israel. God’s command is not just for individuals to bless Israel (which is important), but also for nations to do likewise. Joel 3 indicates that all nations will be judged based on how they treat Israel. It surely is not wise to be on the wrong side of that equation!

Some believe the US sends too much money to Israel, but those who think that simply don’t understand the importance of the partnership, nor do they understand the return on investment to the US. Here is a good commentary on why that all-important alliance is crucial, and why it is worth every penny the US allocates to the Israelis:

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