Fighting for America

Hi friends! Our Israel tour is coming up soon and we have a super excited group! Likewise, I’m excited to be hosting that tour and much focus has been dedicated to it. If you are following along with our Bible study, I hope you are being blessed by it!

Meanwhile, it is also important to focus some attention to our efforts to exhort Christians to engage in the public square. It is particularly important here in America, as our historical roots and foundation are Biblical. God blessed America by granting us founding fathers who knew and understood God’s Word, and who made it the basis of our nation.

Now, as we contemplate the time and season in which we live, it has never been more important to take back what the enemy has stolen. If America is to have a future, it is Christians who must rise up and take a stand against abounding evil and corruption.

A principle taught in Jeremiah 29:7 is that our individual peace, prosperity and welfare are tied to that of the cities in which we live. Therefore, our cities (and our states and nation) are worth fighting for! Likewise, in Psalm 33:11-12, the Psalmist exhorts us to seek the plans and counsel of the Lord if we desire His blessing. We are wise to heed those words.

Today, I want to share tangible ways for you to be involved civically:

  1. In Arizona, there is a simple, yet profound way to make your position known to your legislators. It is a unique system called “Request to Speak” (RTS), which allows you to make your voice heard. You may or may not actually speak (though I hope some of you will), but anyone can give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to signal where you stand! The Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) is able to enroll those who wish to register for the RTS system. Please click here to do so, then visit the RTS system often to record your position on various pieces of legislation. What a great tool!
  2. Turning Point USA launched TPUSA Faith a couple years ago and it is gaining traction. You can do two things to participate with Turning Point:
    • Attend Freedom Night in America live or online. Most are held in Phoenix, but events are popping up elsewhere. Faith leaders such as Pastor Jack Hibbs, Eric Metaxas, Sean Feucht and many others join Charlie Kirk for important discussions regarding appropriate Christian engagement in the public square. (The next one is this Wednesday evening at Dream City Church. Also, Dennis Prager will be there March 15!) All past events are posted online as well!
    • Get involved in a local chapter of TPUSA Faith, or start one at your church. This is grassroots at its best! Contact Turning Point for a list of chapters in your area. (For those in the north-central part of Phoenix, a TPUSA Faith chapter is growing at Desert Breeze Community Church. The next one is Monday, February 13 at 6pm.)

In Luke 19, Jesus taught a parable about a nobleman who went away but left resources to be invested until he returned. Some invested, some stuck the resources in the ground and had no return to show for the investment when the nobleman returned. Jesus is our nobleman, and He clearly instructs us to “Do business until I return!” What about the resources He has provided us (such as an incredible country built upon Godly principles)? How are we investing those resources, and what will we have to show for them when He returns?

11 The counsel of the Lord stands forever,
The plans of His heart to all generations.
12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

~Psalm 33:11-12

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