Why Aren’t More Pastors Taking this Stand?

I am grateful for pastors across our land who are fighting for righteousness in our country, not only from the pulpit, but also taking the lead in the public square. Did you know it was pastors, in our nation’s early years, who drove the national agenda?

If you understand the founding of America, you understand why. Our nation was established, not by people who had no vision and just wanted to settle a new land, but by godly men and women in search of religious freedom! That was the whole point of leaving the tyranny of the king!

Thus, given the context, it is no surprise that our nation was built intentionally on Biblical principles and values, and that it was men of God who led the charge.

Oh how we have fallen in the 2.5 centuries since then. If America is to regain its Godly heritage, it will be because God’s people rise up and take back our country. Are we beyond the point of no return? It certainly seems so, but our God is much greater than impossible circumstances! Ask Daniel who was tossed into the lion’s den, or David who went up against the giant named Goliath, or Gideon whose army was whittled from 30,000 to 300 so that God got the glory in the victory.

As the people of God, we (collectively) have walked away and left our nation to the whims of radical leftists who want to destroy our children, our way of life, and our religious freedom. We need leadership, and though there are pastors across this great land taking a stand, there are not nearly enough, and we (collectively as believers) are certainly not falling in line behind that leadership.

Be one of those who does! Here is a leader who (on Tuesday) “put it on the line!” Will you follow?

One thought on “Why Aren’t More Pastors Taking this Stand?

  1. Donna Lucero

    Pastor Jack, your sermons were suggested to me by my sister this past year. God has used you to get me back on track. I was a sheep wandering alone, but your words, both encouraging and…I don’t know what to call them, but My Jesus used them to draw me back into His arms. I haven’t been to a real church for about 13 years, and I miss that so much. I married a man 13 years ago who was raised catholic and thought charismatic Christians were crazy, so that was when I stopped going. I know My Lord is in our marriage, but it’s been quite difficult. I know I’ve heard Him say to me, keep your eyes, your heart and your mind, fixed, focused and trusting on Me and I will take care of all else. My Lord has been faithful in His promises, its the waiting that has been the hardest. Please have your prayer warriors pray for us.

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