Christopher Columbus: Friend of the Jews

After stumbling into disgrace, whether rightly or wrongly, the day commemorating Christopher Columbus has become almost a forgotten holiday in America. It used to be that, as school children, we learned that “in 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Whether or not Columbus was a hero or a villain remains unconfirmed, and in today’s “revisionist” culture, it is difficult to discern true history from revisionism. Textbooks have been changed to present a version of history that is not always accurate, and the woke mob prides itself on castigating any potential American hero who does not fit the characteristics they deem honorable.

Despite it all, there are some interesting facts regarding Columbus and the Jewish people. Based on reputable research, it appears Columbus had an affinity for the Jewish people and he made efforts to defend them.

This fascinating piece was originally written as a Thanksgiving post, but should be considered in light of Christopher Columbus. Today is Columbus Day in the US, so let’s focus on this man and what he did for the Jewish people. Enjoy!

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