Elections are Coming…What Do the Candidates Stand For?

Hi friends! Elections are only a month away and it is crucial for every believer to be involved and to vote your values.

Why is it important? Many reasons, but here are a few:

  1. Our peace, prosperity and welfare depend upon it! (Jeremiah 29:7) The prophet Jeremiah wrote to captives in exile, relaying a message from the Lord of Heaven’s Armies to be bold enough, even in captivity, to build houses and be prosperous. In America, it seems believers have become captive to the wiles of evil that swirl around us. We have lost our sense of righteous pride in our nation, states and cities, and it has dragged us down personally. It is time to reclaim what the enemy has taken. Our personal peace, prosperity and welfare are tied directly to that of our nation, states and cities.
  2. Abandoning engagement in the civic arena leaves our nation, state and cities to the whims and desires of those to whom we abdicate. Throughout ancient history and beyond, God used people like Daniel, David, Nehemiah, Joseph, Deborah, and others to fulfill His calling as servants before kings and rulers, and in the public square. Imagine if Daniel had not stood firm in worshipping the God of Israel, if Joseph had not served the Egyptian pharaoh well, or if Moses had declined God’s calling to lead the people. Yet, how many times have we neglected to heed God’s call to engage in making our nation, our states and our cities testimonies of His goodness. Imagine what America would be like if every believer got involved. The simple act of voting is a huge way to be involved, and millions of Christians fail to vote. Don’t be one of them!
  3. Without a fight, religious freedom in America will be lost. Imagine the day when someone walks into your workspace and ushers you out because you’re a Christian. Imagine the day your pastor is arrested for standing for truth. Imagine the day when Israel stands alone because Christians would not fight the battle in their own cities. Failure to fight now will result in removal of our rights in the near future.

Believers, the Bible explicitly tells us that lawlessness, chaos and evil will mark the last days. (2 Thessalonians 2, 2 Timothy 3, for examples) It is important to finish well, and that means being about the Father’s business, not just at church, but everywhere we go. True, the civic arena is not the only place we should let our faith shine, but it is a place where the light of our faith has almost been snuffed out. Thus, we must rekindle that flame. Why is our nation sliding into immorality and godlessness? Because over the years, government has been given over to the enemy. Godly values have been stripped away, and the battle to destroy them completely is being waged.

Part of engaging is knowing who the candidates are and what they stand for, then voting for candidates who best align with our Biblical values. In many places (Arizona included), there is stark contrast between candidates. Across America, political ads spew lies of all kinds. Don’t believe ANY of them. Do your own research. If possible, attend events where you can ask candidates specific questions, then evaluate their answers, not on whether or not you like their personality, but on whether or not their answers represent the values you hold. (Remember: political ads are solely and purely marketing tools designed to make you believe whatever the marketers WANT you to believe…and lying is fair game. Believe none of it!)

Below, I will link debates for Arizona Senate, Arizona Attorney General and Arizona Treasurer. As you evaluate candidates, consider these things:

  • Where does the candidate stand on life? The Bible is abundantly clear about the value of life. (Psalm 139, for example) Vote for candidates who protect the life of the unborn.
  • Where does the candidate stand regarding Israel? We are commanded to bless Israel (Genesis 12:3), and ultimately, all nations will be judged on how they treat Israel (Joel 3:1-2) Reject any candidate who backs the BDS movement or who does not stand firmly with Israel.
  • Where does the candidate stand on national sovereignty? Throughout Scripture, we find dozens of examples of boundaries and fences. God dispersed the masses at Babel because He didn’t want a one world system. Nations must be sovereign. Reject candidates who fight for open borders and one world government. (BTW – God’s servants were also good stewards of resources.)

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Evaluate candidates by the standard of God’s Word. No candidate is perfect, but their “platform” (what they intend to do) must be built on the solid rock of Biblical principles and values. Among Arizona candidates, the choices are crystal clear. Here are Arizona debates for Senator, Attorney General and Treasurer. (Unfortunately, Democratic candidate for Governor, Katie Hobbs, refuses to debate Republican Kari Lake. That should tell you all you need to know!)

Watch, then prepare to vote your values….

For voting information, including registering to vote, important dates to know, and your own personal voter guide (based on your address), check out My Faith Votes.

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