Are You Ready to Impact America? It’s Easy to Do…

Christians are beginning to wake up, and you can make a huge difference is promoting Christian values in our society. If you are able to pray and write, this is a fantastic opportunity for you!

What am I talking about? It is clear that, over the past few decades, American Christians and people of morality have simply abdicated our God-given privilege and responsibility to exercise faith in the civic arena. In short, Christians failed to vote, failed to be involved in civic office and affairs, and failed to stand for Biblical values. Over the past 50 years, we have watched America crumble from within because the Godly “infrastructure” that was built into our nation (via our founding documents) was systematically attacked and virtually destroyed.

How did we get here? In several ways, but a key way is our absence from civic engagement. We simply turned governance over to those whose values are totally opposite our own! That’s exactly what happened in Biblical days as well! Everyone did what was right in their own eyes. This is nothing new.

But, Christians are mobilizing now! I’m seeing conferences focused on helping pastors understand their place in encouraging congregations to carry their faith into the civic arena. I’m seeing ministries such as Family Research Council, American Family Association and Turning Point Faith put effort and funds toward mobilizing Christians to reenter the arena. And I’m seeing Christians re-engage!

How to Re-enter the Arena and Get in the Game

If you can pray and write, you can make a huge impact! Under the leadership of Jason Yates and Honorary Chairman, Mike Huckabee, My Faith Votes has come up with a fabulous idea! MFV did the research to identify non-active Christian voters; and to reach them, they have launched a multi-prong attack. One prong is to send them informational letters, with SHORT notes from those of us who are active. Research indicates this effort has high success. Check this out:

My Faith Votes provides pre-typed letter templates and walks you through the process of simply adding a short note. (They even provide samples of notes to write.) Then, you will also have a list of people to pray for as you mail off those letters! Prayer and action…what a concept! It takes only a few minutes and costs less than most ministry donations, but makes a huge difference. Almost 10,000 American Christians have joined the effort! I have pledged to send at least 100 letters. Will you pledge to do 20? Here’s how:

As we live out these last days looking for the Blessed Hope, this is one way to be about our Father’s business! Let’s encourage others to live out their faith in the public square!

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