Woke vs Evil: Navigating Truth as a Believer

The world is a crazy place, and becoming crazier by the moment. Morality in the US has been sidetracked by “wokeism” and godlessness. Evil reigns in greater measure across the world, and propaganda twists and turns the narrative, creating outlandish lies that many, including Christians, are falling for.

The war in Ukraine is a prime example. Russian leadership is now pushing the narrative that, because of evil in Ukraine, they are justified in taking action against it. “Woke America” is not taking action, so according to Russian narrative, they are the “good guys,” and totally justified in targeting and killing civilians in Ukraine, and even in Russia, if citizens don’t fall in line with their narrative.

Amir Tsarfati and Pastor Barry Stagner provided a special update last night, and it is well worth watching:

Friends, we are watching God’s prophetic Word play out right before our very eyes as we live in these last days.

Indeed, God is shaking things up, and I believe He has sounded the alarm multiple times. Yet I wonder how many times we (believers) hit the snooze button rather than get up and be about our Father’s business. When we do, He fills our lives with the joy of walking with Him, and grants us peace in the journey.

Let’s heed the alarms! Whatever He is calling us to do TODAY, let’s find joy in that journey!

PS: We’re in the midst of a short series, considering how God is shaking things up. Stick with us over the next few days.

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