3 Unique Things to Know about the Cross: No Plusses Allowed

Greetings, friends! We’re sharing a few little fun facts about the cross. Yesterday, we focused on Tents in the Wilderness, and today we’ll find out why Israeli school children do not use plus signs.

In Israel’s classrooms, you will find no plus signs in math classes. Instead, they use this symbol:  . The reason: plus signs look too much like the cross, which, to some, is as offensive as the Nazi swastika. Unfortunately, the Jewish people have suffered incredibly at the hands of those proclaiming to be Christians.

Once Jews were driven from Israel by Roman conquerors in 70 AD, they settled primarily in Russia and across Europe. Many countries (particularly in Europe) had strong Christian influence, but unfortunately it did not translate to Godly attitudes and actions against Jewish people. Just the opposite.

Discrimination and torture against Jews grew in frequency and intensity, and many were killed by those proudly displaying crosses. Many countries either expelled Jews or treated them as little more than animals. Jewish homes and businesses were vandalized and destroyed, and successful Jewish businessmen were put out of business. In those places, it was said, “love was preached and murder acted.”

Perhaps no greater illustration of such terror exists than during the Crusades when crusaders carved crosses into the backs of Jews, or the Holocaust in which Jews were slaughtered in death camps. All under the banner of the cross.

Is it any wonder Jews have a strong aversion to the cross?

The good news is that relations between Jews and Christians have improved dramatically over the past few decades, and spirit-filled believers are proving to be true friends of the Jewish people. However, the cross remains an unwelcome symbol to our Jewish friends.

Join us again tomorrow as we consider a third unique thing regarding the cross. It is the most exciting, so don’t miss it!

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