COVID Fines Dropped Against San Jose Church

As the world continues to spin out of control, we celebrate a religious rights victory in California! Praise God for the victory won for Calvary Christian Fellowship San Jose! When Pastor Mike McClure refused to bend the knee to COVID mandates, his church was fined $200,000. Standing firmly on the Word of God and trusting His protection and sovereignty, CCF San Jose defied the mandates by opening their church.

I was struck by Pastor Mike’s levelheaded responses in a friendly interview on Fox News, and was grateful that he took even that opportunity to tell viewers about Jesus! Praise God for men with courage who respectfully stand against tyranny and bend the knee to Jesus Christ alone!

Please continue to pray for Pastor Mike McClure and Calvary Christian Fellowship San Jose. There are still some $2 million in outstanding fines from the county. Please ask the Lord to grant favor to CCFSJ, but also trust Him for provision if the county does not yield. Our sovereign King is still on the throne, and it is our privilege to serve at His command!

Here is Pastor Mike’s interview with Fox News:

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