How Should American Christians Fight for Our Nation

I’ve written passionately this week about the duty of American Christians to fight for our nation. Why does it matter, and why would I include such commentary on a blog that focuses on Israel and on Bible prophecy? Good questions!

It matters because Christians do not have an “excused absence” when it comes to exercising our faith in the public square! More than anyone, we have an obligation to participate in civic affairs and the reasons were outlined in:

I’ve written these posts on this blog because what we are seeing in America has a degree of impact how the end times play out. America is NOT God’s time piece (Israel is), but because God blessed America with a unique calling, our ability and willingness to carry it out will determine America’s place of significance in the world during these last days. Once the light goes out and the trumpet no longer sounds the alarm, hell’s legions will waste no time. America is at a crossroad, and how Christians respond will determine America’s resurgence or America’s slide into the abyss, taking with it the last hope in a fallen world.

This is important. Not my words, but these principles. I ask you to please share these four posts with others in joint effort with others to mobilize Christians to get in the game!

Now…HOW do American Christians fight for America? Let’s be practical:

  1. Engage! It sounds simple, but commit yourself to actually DO something! No more sitting on our blessed assurances! If you are a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, you have no excuse. Even if you are not a believer, but you have moral fiber, you have no excuse. We can all do this!
  2. Pray! The Bible doesn’t suggest that we pray for our leaders and our nation…it COMMANDS it! 1 Timothy 2:1-2 specifically tell us to pray, intercede and give thanks for all men, and particularly those in authority over us, that we might lead a quiet and peaceful life in godliness and reverence. We have no room to complain about chaos or our failing leaders if we are not praying for them!
  3. Share the gospel! Time is short, my friends. Heaven is just around the corner for us, which means hell is just around the corner for those who do not believe. Now is the time. We must get over ourselves and not let fear, indifference or distraction get in the way. Stop right now and ask God to put 3 people in your path this week with whom you can share the gospel. Then, be ready…He will answer! Don’t worry about “doing it right.” Simply ask people if they know Jesus, then have a conversation! Tell them what Jesus has done in your life. No one can refute that! (You could also invite them to join you at church.)
  4. Get involved civically. When America falls, it will be through the loose grip of Christians (or if by God’s grace, because of the rapture!) Imagine if every Christian engaged our culture in a meaningful way! What a difference it would make in our cities, states, and nation.
    • If you are at least 18 and not registered to vote, DO SO! If you do not know when the registration deadline is in your state or where to find a registration form, CLICK HERE. Hint: the earliest deadline is October 9, so just do it before then! Why not right now? Your vote matters.
    • Understand the parties and what they stand for. Sure, there are bad apples in both parties, but in general, one party stands for much more conservative values than the other. Hint: the more conservative party begins with an R! Hint #2: if you don’t like the direction your city, state and/or nation are taking, VOTE THEM OUT! Vote your Christian values! Don’t listen to political ads, but rather get to know the candidates. Find a trustworthy voter guide (such as Center for Arizona Policy in AZ, iVoter Guide – all states, Vote Smart) or, better yet, attend townhalls and debates where you can ask candidates questions.
    • Encourage others to register and vote. It isn’t enough that you register and vote, we need to overwhelm the ability to cheat in elections by garnering so many votes it is impossible to even cheat and win! Not only is it important to save this election, but being patriotic (and acting on it) is Biblical! Exercise your freedoms and take action on your responsibilities!

Lest you think I am way out in left field on some political rant, let me say two things. First, “politics” is the mess man has made of civic responsibility! God ordained government and expects us to be involved. This is not about politics, but about civic responsibility. Don’t check your Christian responsibility at the door. Secondly, there is a movement led by sound, fundamental Christian leaders echoing the call for Christians to engage. Our forefathers did it, and early Christian leaders were right in the thick of things. Why? They understood the importance of this unique nation God ordained as one of the two silver trumpets designed to sound the alarm, and they were willing to fight for it! (Read previous posts to understand that!)

In a fantastic example of two of the most God-fearing Christian leaders in our world today, Tony Perkins and Pastor Jack Hibbs discuss this very thing on the August 12, 2022 episode of Washington Watch, beginning at the 37:00 mark. Check it out!

In closing, I think John Hancock and John Quincey Adams got it right:

Let’s follow their lead!

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