Why Christians Must Fight for America: Our Founding

Hi everyone!  Welcome to our third day (of 4) of Why Christians Must Fight for America.  On day 1 we approached from a Biblical perspective to answer that question.  Day 2 took us from Biblical perspective to the beginnings of our great nation.  Today, we’ll focus on America’s founding.  We are only scratching the surface, but of course, the answer to the question is: Because America is worth it.  But what supports that?

Throughout our mini-series, we have emphasized God’s unique call upon Israel and the church, and it is the heart of God’s call that moves us.  And yes, America plays a part in that.  (Check out Why Christians Must Fight for America: God’s Call for details.)  America is different than any other nation on earth, in that brave souls who were religiously oppressed chose to set out on a wild adventure to a new land for the express purpose of advancing the Christian faith.  (Not sure about that?  Read Why Christians Must Fight for America: Our Beginnings.)

That effort resulted in the founding of America on very distinct Christian principles.  Until very recent decades, we were taught that fact in school.  Today, however, American history has been re-written by some to deny that fact, and in many classrooms, children are taught to hate America.  Kids are told that America is (and has always been) racist, and that society is nothing more than a battle between oppressors and the oppressed. Left out is virtually every single vestige of Biblical wisdom that was so obviously present when our nation was founded. (BTW – radical teachers in the classroom are more than happy to tell your kids in which category they belong! Don’t allow that!) 

Some argue that Christian values had nothing to do with America’s founding, and that our founders were not men who sought the face of God as they molded and shaped our governing documents. However, of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, at least 24 held seminary or Bible college degrees, and history records quotes from an astounding number of founding fathers, including those who did not even profess Christ, referencing a Divine Being and His providential guidance in our nation’s founding.

It was also often brave Christians such as George Washington who led ragtag regiments into battle against the mighty British forces in the Revolutionary War.  Men of character and unparalleled leadership were willing to risk it all for the sake of a nation that would be planted deeply in Christian values.

 Below are some of the most distinct quotes, and hundreds more can be found in traditional history textbooks and legitimate historical websites.  (Here and here, for example.  Be careful on the internet as, unfortunately, lots of “revised history” appears.)

So what do we make of this, other than our founding fathers looked to and relied upon Biblical principles as they drafted our governing documents?  They simply followed the mandate laid out in the Mayflower Compact, to undertake ”for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith,” then fought the Revolutionary War in order to cause it to come to fruition!  After almost 250 years of freedom in America, the very least we can do is to take up the fight to maintain our freedom!

Christian friends, we’re going to talk about practical ways to do that tomorrow.  Please don’t miss it!

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