Ezekiel 38 Players Meet in Tehran

Yesterday was historic in light of the Ezekiel prophecy, found in chapter 38 of the book that bears his name. Bible students recognize that chapter as the battle plans of the War of Gog and Magog.

Following prophetic chapters 36-37 regarding Israel’s return to the land, the prophet Ezekiel is given a vision by God of a northern invasion into Israel, led by a Russian czar (“Gog”), and accompanied by the likes of Persia (modern-day Iran), Gomer and Beth Togarmah (in and around modern-day Turkey), as well as minor players from North Africa. You’ll find these listed in Ezekiel 38:2-5.

Of interest is the fact the three nations (Russia, Iran and Turkey) often find themselves at odds with one another. It is not as though they are friendly nations. Each has an agenda, and it is rare they are in agreement about striving toward a common goal.

That is…unless each sees something in it for them!

When Erdogan (Turkey’s president), Raisi (Iran’s president) and Putin (Russia’s president) met under the auspices of discussing how to rid Syria of terrorists, make no mistake: it had little to do with Syria, some to do with timing (following Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia), and a lot to do with making a statement to the weak regimes in Washington and Jerusalem.

With growing cooperation between Israel and moderate Arab nations such a the UAE and Bahrain, and Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the timing was such that this trilateral “summit” occurred just days after Biden left empty-handed from the Saudi Kingdom. It was time for the “evil 3” to signal to the world they are working in coordination with one another against Israel and the west’s growing affiliation with moderate Arab states. An incredibly weak Biden administration, alongside a woke and weak Israeli one, signals little to no opposition to the incredibly evil Iranian regime.

If that is not confirming enough that Ezekiel 38 players are “in the game,” Iran announced it has 60% enriched uranium. But anyone who knows Iran well, knows Iran lies! If they say 60% enriched, it is highly likely they have enough 90% enriched (weapon-grade) material to make nuclear bombs. Following decades of Iranian rambling regarding “wiping Israel off the map,” it is easy to see just how fragile the situation is in the Middle East.

Ezekiel 38 goes on to describe an invasion motivated by “plunder and booty” (verse 12), followed by nations such as Saudi Arabia (Sheba and Dedan) asking silly questions of the invaders. In other words, they see the invasion happening, but rather than taking action on Israel’s behalf, they stay away from the fray.

If you read the entire chapter, you find that the Lord God rises up on Israel’s behalf to destroy her enemies so that His name might be glorified! (verses 18-23) Glorious!

So, who knew that a meeting between the “evil 3” was happening, or that agreements for Russian oil in exchange for Iranian drones were being made? Who would have thought “enemy” nations would so quickly join together?

Here, we discuss end time events fairly frequently, as we believe Jesus is coming soon. Yet each day seems to bring another leap forward in the timing of it all!

Is there anyone who would deny this looks a lot like the setup of Ezekiel 38? Friends, Jesus is coming soon to redeem us from a sin-sick world. May we all be found faithfully doing the Father’s business when He descends in the cloud to snatch us out of here!

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