Russia’s Lavrov Met with Iran’s Raisi to Discuss Cooperation

Though it might not have garnered much news coverage, something very Biblically significant took place yesterday. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov travelled to Iran to meet with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi.

Yes, world leaders jet around the globe continually, so what makes this meeting so significant?

To answer the question, let’s consider three things: the topic of conversation, the parties involved, and Ezekiel’s prophecy in chapter 38.

A key soundbite from the meeting signals the topic of conversation. They were said to have discussed not the nuclear agreement, but “a new era of strategic and economic cooperation.” The nuclear agreement is no longer necessary, as Iran has what it needs to produce nuclear weapons, and they are spinning fissile matter in their highest-powered centrifuges right now to enrich it to 90% (weapons grade). Gone is the cover story that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are solely for energy and “peaceful purposes.” (It was a lie all along, and everyone knew it.) Nuclear energy doesn’t require weapons grade uranium…nuclear bombs do! And oh, by the way, Iran has straight up told the IAEA they have dismantled all surveillance cameras and equipment installed as part of the Obama nuclear deal to hold Iran accountable.

So, nuclear talks are pointless at this time.

The second consideration is the parties involved in forging this “new era of strategic and economic cooperation.” That would, of course, be Russia and Iran. Two nations increasingly in pursuit of their goals. Iran intends to eliminate all infidels, primarily Jews, but also anyone else who doesn’t believe, as they do, that the Islamic messiah must be ushered in amidst chaos. Then, a worldwide caliphate, headed by a Shi’ite Muslim imam (messiah), will rule, and the world will be under the control of Sharia law. Their messiah wins.

Russia, meanwhile, has a different goal. Vladimir Putin, a high-ranking KGB officer at the time of the Soviet collapse, has dreamed of re-establishing mother Russia to a position of global power, perhaps as the world’s greatest superpower. He could not care less who stands in his way, and he will lead Russia to brutally manhandle any person, group or nation who gets in his way. He is a power-hungry maniac with no conscience, but his economy is lacking and oil and gas are just the right antidotes to that problem.

But now the third consideration: the Ezekiel 38 prophecy. It is repeated often, and is always true: We have never been closer to the fulfillment of that prophecy. If you are unfamiliar with it, please take 5 minutes to read that chapter, but here are the details that matter in this context:

  • Russia (Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, in the passage) and Iran (Persia, in the passage) will be major players in a coalition that will invade Israel from the north. (Look for Turkey to get in on the gig, too!)
  • They are coming to capture spoil and plunder. Russia’s economy hangs on oil and gas, yet Europe just cut a deal to purchase Israeli gas, and so did Lebanon! Iran, whose economy is totally in the tank, also sees opportunity to get in on that action, hoping not only for economic relief, but for leverage to knock off some infidels and usher in the Islamic messiah. Motive everywhere!
  • Gog of Magog (the Russian leader) is drawn down into Israel by a “hook in the jaw” which God Himself tugs. Again, Russia is coming for spoil and plunder. The only significant spoil and plunder to be had is Israeli oil and gas!

So, the parties are in place, as Russia and Iran both have strong presence in Syria (just across Israel’s border); spoil and plunder are abundant; Russia is taking the lead to usher in a new era of strategic and economic cooperation; and the hook is firmly set in the jaw of Gog of Magog (the Russian leader of the coalition). For years, Vladimir Putin has appeared very “Gog-like.” It is still too early to state unequivocally that Vladimir Putin is Gog. But his deputy, Sergei Lavrov, is every bit as evil and ambitious as Putin, so a string of Russian “Gog-like” characters are sitting in leadership positions.

While the world focuses on Ukraine, Russia and Iran have their sights set on spoil and plunder…found in Israel. Read Ezekiel 38:18-23 to see how that works out for them!

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