Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: June 12, 2022

God’s Word tells us that in the last days, there will be chaos and lawlessness. In such a world, the unsung heroes of law enforcement face the worst society has to throw at us. Almost without exception, the men and women who don the uniform do so because they love their jobs and have a yearning to serve others. The run into harms way to protect us. They answer calls that endanger them. They often stand stoically while criminals lie to them.

Then, they go home to their families…often drained by the day’s challenges, and at times, devastated by what they have seen or engaged in that day.

They deserve respect and honor, so let’s join the American Family Association for a day of prayer and appreciation this coming Sunday. (If you are reading this after the fact, remember: God is no respecter of time! Jump in any time!) Here are some ways to be involved:

Back the blue on June 12 (and every other day!) by praying, voicing your appreciation and recognizing law enforcement personnel for their service to us!

PS: On a totally different front: There is a big announcement coming this weekend, so stay tuned!

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