Signs of the Times: Hatred and Persecution

No one said it would be easy!

Friends, at times, do you find it difficult to live out your Christian faith? Have you ever faced hateful remarks or mockery because of your belief in Jesus Christ? Has there ever been a time you were persecuted for putting your trust in Him?

Most of us in the western world have never encountered persecution because of our faith, but many of us have suffered hatred or scorn for it. May I just say this: Wrap your faith and trust around Jesus Christ and never let go! Hatred and persecution are part of what we can expect as we live out our faith while anticipating the return of our Savior to redeem us from this world.

After Jesus called His apostles in Matthew 10, He immediately began to teach and train them to follow Him. Amidst the instruction, He warned of persecution in verses 16-26. Perhaps His key statement is found in verse 22 when He warned them to expect hatred because of their association with Him.

Later, as recorded in Luke 21, Jesus warned of persecution that will accompany the last days. Verses 7-19 describe what those days will be like, including verse 22 which repeats the warning found in Matthew 10:22: You will be hated by all for My name’s sake (Luke 21: 17).

Christians, one thing that sets us apart is the fact our faith in Jesus will not only be ridiculed, but we will suffer hatred and persecution because of our relationship with Him.

Today, as we barrel through the last days, hatred and persecution are hitting closer and closer to home. It is being played out in areas of life all around us. Often, education seems to be the stage upon which the evil one is dancing.

For example, a Christian school in Kentucky may find itself on trial for teaching Christian beliefs and principles. Before I share the article, let me ask two very important questions:

If you were put on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?  If you have children in a Christian school, would you want the teachers and administrators to be found guilty of being a Christian?

Teachers and administrators at the Christian Academy of Louisville may soon face that trial. As you read this article, please pray for supernatural wisdom and boldness of the teachers and administrators, that they might stand strong in the midst of the great trial ahead of them. Furthermore, if you live in that area, voice your concerns to your elected officials, and don’t sit idly by while this Christian school is gobbled up by liberal ideology. Take a stand, both spiritually and actively!

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