Are You Discerning the Time and the Season?

While it is true that no one knows the day or hour of Jesus’ return (Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32), Jesus Himself rebuked religious leaders (Matthew 16:1-3) and His followers (Luke 12:54-56) for not discerning the times and seasons in which they lived. What had they failed to discern? Jesus’ first coming!

Friends, I believe the same rebuke may be applicable to us today, regarding Jesus’ second coming! Despite many Bible prophecies moving toward fulfillment right before our very eyes, society moves on through life with virtually no urgency in discernment that Jesus is returning soon to snatch us (believers) from this world.

We don’t know the day and hour, but we are living in the time and season in which events described in Bible prophecy are happening all around us. Interestingly, the signs we see are signs of the tribulation….and the rapture happens before that! This is the time and season!

I agree 100% with Pastor Jack Hibbs’ assessment. Spend 4 minutes to check it out:

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