Don’t Miss “Happening Now: The Great Reset” Tonight

The Great Reset.

What is it, and what does it mean for America and the world? As the New World Order is ushered in, it rides the wave of the Great Reset. Globalists push for a reset of economic, religious, governmental and societal norms. Wrong becomes right and all things are relative as absolute truth disappears.

At 8pm AZ time tonight (7pm Pacific, 9pm Central and 10pm Eastern), Charlie Kirk and Pastor Jack Hibbs will engage in a discussion concerning the Great Reset from a Biblically prophetic and geopolitical perspective. Charlie Kirk brings the insider perspective on geopolitics, while Pastor Jack puts it in Biblical context to help us understand the time and season in which we live, and how to Biblically navigate it.

So, tune into Happening Now: The Great Reset tonight and be encouraged by God’s truth. See you there!

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