The Ukrainian Invasion Brought Close to Heart

Wars and rumors of wars. Only one of several signs Jesus told His disciples would characterize the time leading up to His return (Matthew 24:6), it seems today’s geopolitical landscape is precisely what Jesus described.

Yes, there have been wars throughout history, including since the time Jesus identified them as signs of the last days. However, never in the history of the world have so many end time signs (beyond wars and rumors of wars) been so much on the verge of fulfillment. Specifically, we see the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 (a Russian-led invasion, including Iran and Turkey, from the north) shaping up right before our very eyes.

But while prophetic events seem to line up, we must not lose sight of the real, human fear and suffering brought about by power-hungry tyrants and their evil regimes as war becomes reality. At the top of that list today is Russian President Vladimir Putin and his attempt to completely crush and subdue Ukraine. The hard-working, decent people of Ukraine are fighting bravely against evil, but are now facing severe bombings and invasions of cities.

Sometimes world events hit home, and this is one. A former co-worker (and Christian friend) is a Ukrainian native-turned-Phoenician. Understandably, her concern runs deep as she receives news of bombings in her hometown, and endangerment of family and friends. Stop to consider: what if your family members or close friends were targets of Russian bombings, and you were half a world away? Horrific. Helpless. Despairing.

In her words:

My hometown is called Kropyvnytskyi. You can see it on this map of bombings.  I just hope my family and friends stay safe, it’s unbearable to see innocent civilians, children being killed for absolutely no reason, just because they want to be independent and democratic.  

(Find Kropyvnytskyi in the middle of this map, just below one of the blue circles.)

Christian friends, will you please join me in prayer for my friend, Olena, and her family and friends? Also, please consider covering the city of Kropyvnytskyi in prayer. Our God is a prayer-hearing, prayer-answering, wonder-working God, and He is waiting to hear from us. Let’s unite at the foot of the cross to plead God’s mercy on behalf of those in need.

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