Worshipping the God of Peace

Israel…a tiny country in a very rough neighborhood. Imagine being attacked by 5 Arab nations on your independence day. Then, imagine constant threats from neighboring nations virtually every day since then. If ever there was a place on earth where peace seems impossible, it is Israel.

Yet, Israelis, in general, are very peaceful people who love life and refuse to be hindered in living it to the fullest. Peace is part of their fabric!

That is one reason I love to hear Messianic Jews worship the God of peace! They understand that peace comes not from their military might, their government diplomacy or favor from the nations that surround them. Rather it comes from Yeshua…Jesus! When I hear them sing praises to God, it seems like a tiny piece of heaven!

Sing along and enjoy a tiny piece of heaven yourself as they worship the God of peace!

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