A Brief Look at NATO and Russia’s Push to Reform the Old Soviet Union

For those old enough to remember the cold war with Russia, many of the details have likely been forgotten. For those born after those tenuous days (or too young to know what was happening), the growing tension with the Red Bear is likely new territory. So, let’s review briefly.

WWII was followed by a growing threat of communism, and king of that hill was the Soviet Union (USSR). By 1960, the race for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM’s) was underway as both the US and Soviets were adding to their stockpiles. ICBM’s were the “latest/greatest” at the time and could carry nuclear warheads. To make matters worse, Cuba (only ~500 miles from the US) sided with, and hosted missile sites for the Soviets, making strikes on America possible.

Tensions escalated and US operations such as the US-directed Bay of Pigs Invasion and Operation Mongoose failed miserably to end the Cuban Revolution, leaving world leaders believing a very young President John F Kennedy was too young, weak and naïve to stand against world forces. That only emboldened the power-hungry Soviet Union to build more missiles and stockpile them in Cuba.

The resulting month-long Cuban Missile Crisis in late-1962 almost led to nuclear war. Perhaps the only deterrent was the threat of mutual destruction, as the US also had nuclear stockpiles situated in European nations who were part of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Thankfully, the standoff held until significant diplomatic efforts by the Ronald Reagan White House, and growing US military superiority, caused the Soviets to blink and nuclear war was averted.

Following, the USSR began to crumble as states broke away, and America became the world’s only superpower. Former Soviet states such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and about a dozen others abandoned mother Russia to become members of US-led NATO. Here is the current map of European NATO members, including those who left the stronghold of the Russian confederacy:

Now, to today….

The Russians want their satellite states back! Led by power-craving Vladimir Putin, they now smell blood in the water. The world’s only superpower (the US) has a very weak and indecisive administration, embolding Russia to make their move. Currently, hundreds of thousands of Russian troops are amassed on Ukrainian borders, AND Putin is threatening the US not to hinder Russian attempts to pull old Soviet states out of NATO. Furthermore, Putin is demanding the US to remove nuclear weapons in Europe.

In other words, Russia is currently calling the shots in western Europe and the parts of the Middle East (Syria, for example), and dictating the terms of their relationship with Ukraine, former Soviet states, and yes…the United States and NATO.

How will the Biden administration respond? That remains to be seen…though nothing at this point provides strong confidence that Biden will stand up to Russia. In fact, with deep Biden family ties to Russia, it is believed they are beholden to the wishes of Vladimir Putin. Without strong American leadership, NATO is a worthless shell as well.

Friends, let’s put it in Biblical context. Ezekiel 38-39 tells us very specifically that, in the last days, Russia will lead an invasion into Israel (along with Iran, Turkey and others). Never in the course of history have those nations pressed Israel’s northern border as they do today, and Russia continues to grow larger and more powerful. Along with the activities of Iran and Turkey, that stage is set.

Also of note, there is no indication the US, Israel’s strongest and most trusted ally, will have any part in the last days. In fact, strong argument can be made that Ezekiel 38 expressly indicates nations other than the attackers will sit on the sidelines, doing nothing to assist Israel. Indeed, Israel will stand alone, dependent only upon the God of Israel who will rise to their defense!

The rise of Russia as a superpower should be no surprise to us, and neither should we be shocked by the threats uttered toward America, NATO and others. We are simply watching God’s Word fall into place!

Soon and very soon, we are going to see King Jesus! Are you ready?

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