What Can We Expect in 2022?

Only three days in and I hear it every time I turn around: Buckle up and hang on…2022 will be quite a ride. I agree.

There is a battle raging, and an overwhelming sense of need to shed things that do not matter in order to focus on things of utmost importance and eternal significance. Being about our Father’s business has never been more urgent, and never in our lifetimes has the world been filled with such deceit and disarray.

Over the weekend I took some time to think deeply and consider things that may have significant implications for us in 2022. It is far from an exhaustive list, yet represents some of the more important issues requiring Godly discernment and action:

  • Division in families, the church and civil government. Is it any surprise that the three key institutions God created to govern over the affairs of man are all under severe and direct attack?
  • Rampant deception. Satan is the father of lies, so is there any irony in the fact that big government, big pharmacy and big tech spew lies and deceit like water from a fire hose?
  • US Supreme Court decision on abortion. Will the predominately conservative US Supreme Court finally strike down Roe v Wade, sending the issue back to the states where it belongs, or will they cave to liberal pressure and uphold the abortion law? (God help us if that occurs.)
  • A weak and increasingly liberal Israeli government. Will the current government continue to give away every advantage gained in recent years in favor of appeasement? Will the coalition survive 2022 or collapse?
  • Iran’s nuclear ambition. Will the US further endanger Israel by entering an even worse nuclear deal than Obama did? Will 2022 be the year Israel is forced to take drastic measures on her own to keep Iran from unleashing an attack?
  • Vladimir Putin on the prowl. What is Putin’s end game? Will 2022 be the year the power-hungry Russian czar flexes his muscle and attempts to fill the power vacuum left by the weak and bumbling US administration?
  • 2022 US mid-term elections. Will Christian conservatives finally take the lead in demanding a return to some semblance of righteousness, or will we (collectively) stand idly by while anti-Christian ideals are once again crammed down the throats of Americans?

Friends, we live in a time and season those before us could only imagine. We are seeing Bible prophecy play out before our very eyes. True…generation after generation has believed (rightly!) they were living in the last days. However, never in the history of the world have so many key prophecies lined up as exactly and simultaneously as they have today. In a recent post, Amir Tsarfati said this:

The evil spirit is here, deception and confusion are here, the right technology is here, apostasy is here, globalism is here, the new world religion is here, BUT the church is also here. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the antichrist can’t be revealed and, thus, why the tribulation can’t begin.

~Amir Tsarfati, Facebook post, 12/20/2021

Indeed, the church remains, and we have work to do! Rather than be frightened by or unengaged with the list above, we should be actively seeking the role God is asking each of us to play. 2022 will bring plenty of opportunities to share the gospel, to encourage one another, to be ministers of reconciliation in our families, churches and government. We will have abundant opportunities to study God’s Word, pray and teach others. There will be ample chances to be watchmen on the wall, praying and standing for Israel.

As Christians, we’re in a battle zone, so put on your battle gear (Ephesians 6:10-20) and let’s align ourselves in formation behind our Commander in Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ, and let’s make 2022 a year of victory!

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