11-Year-Old Discovers Rare, 2000-Year-Old Silver Coin from City of David

Discoveries in Israel continue to validate God’s Word! Here is a wonderful example:

In Israel, mounds of earth are being moved as they excavate ancient sites, and almost all of the dirt and debri is sifted, in search of important artifacts such as coins, pieces of pottery, bones (often from temple sacrifices), which allow archaeologists to accurately date time periods of structures being excavated.

Some sifting operations are open to the public and I have had the exciting privilege to participate in several sifting projects. There is always an air of excitement, as you never know what you might find, and there are notorious archaeologists onsite to validate the finds. Everyone finds artifacts, but some, such as coins, make big news! Coins are especially helpful because many of them are dated, or have symbols that are known to be used only in a particular era and/or by particular people groups.

Having grown up in New Mexico, known as the Land of Enchantment, I’ve got to say: Nowhere is more enchanting than Israel! Oh how I miss my beloved Israel! There is nowhere else on earth like it!

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