Amazing Happenings in Arab-Israeli Relations

Since the signing of the Abraham Accords, relations between Israel and moderate Arab nations has been nothing short of unbelievable. Here are some examples of cooperation between the Accord partners:

  • In a grand scene hardly imagined until recently, the Israeli flag was raised and the anthem played at the Qasr Al Watan Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Check out the video here.
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain joined Israel and the US for naval exercises in the Red Sea. Among other objectives, this operation sent a message to Iran that a united front exists.
  •  Israel Aerospace Systems, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Elbit Systems, three of Israel’s largest defense companies. attended the Dubai (UAE) Air Show, and gulf states are purchasing air defense systems from them.

These are amazing world events, for sure. But more significantly, they also align with Bible prophecy regarding those nations who will not join other attacking nations when the Ezekiel 38 coalition invades Israel. We are not only watching history unfold before our very eyes, but we are seeing prophecy being fulfilled as well.

The Abraham Accords continue to bring about amazing cooperation in the Middle East, and most experts believe others will join the Accords. Praise God for Israel and these nations, and praise God for Bible prophecy.

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