BREAKING: Iran Has Shot Down American UAV

UPDATE: While there has been tension in the Gulf region between the US Navy and Iranian forces, this report originating with the Iranians, has been proven false.

Reports are just breaking that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has shot down an American UAV. The alleged incident happened near Oman.

In another report, Iran supposedly thwarted a US attempt to transfer oil from one tanker to another.

Details are sketchy and these reports are yet to be confirmed. If true, these incidents will likely stir up tensions even further between the US and Iran. The question is: How will the American administration respond to Iranian attacks?

Furthermore, will America continue to press toward re-entry to the JCPOA, or will we finally wake up to the fact that Iran is serious about destroying America? It remains to be seen!

Believers, this is no time to fear! The God of the universe, whose Son paid the price for our sins, is still in control, and will fulfill His promises. Be steadfast and stand strong!

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