Will Saudi Arabia Finally Normalize Relations with Israel?

During the Trump administration’s brokering of the Abraham Accords, the “big fish” was Saudi Arabia and it was believed to be the crown jewel of the accords if Jared Kushner and team could land that fish. It did not happen in the few short months following the initial Abraham Accord treaties and the installation of the Biden administration.

However, Kushner and other architects of the Accords continue to work with officials in key Arab nations, in attempts to get them on board. Since his inauguration, Biden and his team have all but ignored the Abraham Accords, but are beginning to see value in pushing forward with them.

As a result, Biden negotiators are now holding talks with the Saudis. Should they land the “big fish,” it will be interesting to hear the spin put on it by an administration who, just weeks ago, could not have cared less about the Abraham Accords. Check out news here:

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