Joel Rosenberg Sits Down with Mike Pompeo to Discuss the Middle East and Current Events

Happy Sunday, friends! Many of you are following along with the tour rewind and I am so happy to have you aboard! I pray it blesses you. For some, it may be the closest you will ever come to being in Israel. I hope this virtual tour blesses your socks off!

For others, perhaps you long to go there but have not yet had the opportunity. Well, we’ll keep trying to break through the chaos and, Lord willing, we’ll return there one day. I hope you’re on that bus with us!

Meanwhile, current events continue and the Middle East is its usual chaotic self! However, I have been fascinated by Joel Rosenberg’s latest book, Enemies and Allies, as he takes us into the palaces of kings, crown princes and presidents. You’ll also hear the behind-the-scenes detail of what brought moderate Arab nations to the table to negotiate the Abraham Accords. Fascinating!

Recently, Joel sat down with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, another deep well of successful foreign policy, and a crucial player in the birth of the Abraham Accords. Their discussion together is enlightening and enjoyable. Perhaps this day allows some time to watch the interview!

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