Virtual Trip to Israel: Our Journey Begins!

Had the world not been put into a tailspin with COVID, our group of 30+ eager travelers would be boarding an airplane headed to Israel for the beginning of our 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR! As a group, we would have met monthly for the past 6 months getting to know one another and preparing for all we would experience. The first-timers would have a certain wonder in their hearts and minds and the anticipation of stepping foot in the land of Israel would be palatable. Those returning would have a different, yet just as profound anticipation of arrival.

As tour host, I would be “over the moon” excited to host another group for a journey that would absolutely change lives forever.

Yet, it was not to be…except virtually! Thus, we’re using technology to take a much larger group…all of you!…to the land of Israel. It is a far cry from being there in reality, but it is the next best thing, so buckle up and put your seat backs and tray tables in their upright position. Our flight is about to take off.

Days won’t align exactly, and there are multiple posts for some days, so I will split them up at times in order not to overwhelm you! We’re approaching the runway now, so let’s take off…

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