“Enemies and Allies” – Ask Joel Rosenberg Questions

If you have never read anything from Joel Rosenberg, its time you do! Known for riveting political thrillers from a Christian perspective, Rosenberg’s latest volume is a non-fiction work summarizing conversations he has had personally with movers and shakers in the intelligence, military and government spheres. For example, Rosenberg sat down with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, Abu Dhabi (UAE) Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, and Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, as well as a plethora of intelligence personnel and military leaders.

The book is filled with fascinating stories of how Rosenberg came to be invited into the hallowed palaces and places of honor, as well as never-before released conversations and behind the scenes interviews. As an American-Israeli living in Jerusalem, Rosenberg has unique insight into events in the Middle East. I highly recommend Enemies and Allies.

Beyond that, Joel Rosenberg is hosting a live Q&A webinar tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:00am Phoenix time (2pm Eastern, 1pm Central and noon Mountain). Find out things such as:

  • Why the UAE Crown Prince informed Rosenberg he wanted to make peace with Israel.
  • Why Christian delegations were invited to meet with key Arab leaders, and their influence on the Abraham Accords.
  • What is it like to sit with Kings and Crown Princes in the Middle East?

Find out more and reserve your spot on the webinar here:


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