Joe Biden Owes Our Border Patrol an Apology!

Without understanding the facts and without confirming details with those who witnessed events at the border, Joe Biden accused horse-mounted Border Patrol agents of using their reigns to whip people. It is a lie and has been refuted, even by the person who provided footage of the activity.

As conservatives, our voices need to be heard. This is a call to action to tell Joe Biden to apologize to the hard-working men and women trying to secure our border, despite the Biden administration’s open border policy.

Jesus’ command to occupy till He comes means we cannot sit idly by while our nation is overrun by globalists and those who do not have our nation’s best interest at heart. There is clearly a spiritual battle going on because our country was built on Christian values, and evil-doers know that! They want to erase history and “remake” history to be a totally different narrative. Part of the narrative is that law enforcement is inherently racist and evil. That is not true!

Stand up, believers! Make your voices heard. The American Family Association makes it easy to do that:

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