It’s Time to Occupy!

Jesus used a parable to teach His followers to “occupy till I come!” (Luke 19:12-13) The point is to invest wisely with the resources He gives us. It also implies that we waste no opportunities. In the parable, a nobleman (think Jesus!) provided His servants (think us!) with valuable resources while He “went to a distant country to receive a kingdom for himself.”

According to John 14:1-3, to what “distant country” did our master go to receive His kingdom. What was His purpose? What do you suppose He desires from us while He is gone? I believe He wants our faith to enter into every element of life, and if we are to make the best of the treasured nation God has given us, we must “occupy” civic life as well as every other area of life.

Freedom Square is gaining momentum and it is exciting that the spark lighting a big fire was kindled right here in Phoenix! There is a conservative movement building and each of us has a part to play as we occupy till He comes!

Monthly gatherings have occurred in Phoenix for several months now, but Freedom Square is gaining traction in churches across America. The events are wholesome and informative, and we always leave with a challenge! Charlie Kirk typically provides pertinent updates on ways to battle the liberal agenda with grace and lovingkindness. Time is also dedicated to questions from the audience and encouragement of young people to stand strong for their values amidst a perverse culture.

Last night, we heard from a young nurse who is likely to lose her job due to her decision not to take a mandated vaccine. Then, we learned of a young man who dreams of playing collegiate golf, but must choose between his dreams and being forced to take the vaccination. Following was a young EMT who anticipates pressure in his job if he doesn’t take the vaccine. Regardless of your stance on the vaccine, most rational people agree it should not be mandated. Yet, we find 3 young people willing to give up a lucrative job, a collegiate dream, and an honorable profession rather than give up their freedoms!

All that and more as Charlie brought Pastor Rob McCoy into a pertinent discussion. If you missed the event, I’ve got you covered! Tune into the night’s exhortations to occupy, and join the movement to fight for righteousness. (Charlie Kirk is introduced at the 37:40 mark.) Enjoy!

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