American Greatness! May We Fight to the End to Keep it that Way!

When we talk of American greatness, it is not as a comparison statement with the rest of the world. It is a “mission” statement from God Himself. It is a calling, and it bears responsibility.

Allow me to build out that statement. Press pause on the discussion of America for a moment and consider Israel. God’s chosen land and God’s chosen people! Chosen why? Because they were greater, more spiritual, more numerous or more powerful than anyone else? Heavens no! Because God is God and can choose whomever He pleases to accomplish His purposes! Of all the nations and people groups on the planet, Abraham and his descendants (Israel!) were chosen for a very special purpose. Genesis 12:3 defines that purpose: to bless all the families of the earth! (Check back this afternoon for a fantastic devotional thought about that!)

Likewise, God chose America for a special purpose. True, we’re not mentioned even one time in the Bible, but the US is the only nation on earth founded for the sake of religious liberty. Those who risked their lives coming to America escaped the tyranny of government control in religious affairs. Thus, Godly men drafted founding documents filled with Biblical reference and guidance, and they fought the British in order to establish a nation…the United States of America…on Christian principles and values. Bibles became textbooks, and the hearty souls who survived early hardships and war led their families Biblically.

No other nation has produced missionaries on the scale America has. No other nation has sent men to preach the Gospel around the world, often reaching into “undesirable” places. No other nations have fulfilled humanitarian needs worldwide as extensively as the US. Why? Because we are greater, more spiritual or more important than any other nation? Heavens no! Again, God is God and can choose vessels at His will to accomplish His purposes. That is, indeed, what God did when He established America on a Biblical foundation. America was founded for a reason and a season.

However, one thing was abundantly clear from the very beginning of our Democratic Republic:

Yes indeed! Our Constitution is “wholly inadequate” to govern any other than a moral and religious people, and as we see our culture spinning terribly out of control morally and spiritually, we will also see our Constitution unravel.

But we’re not there quite yet. There is still time to pray and time to fight for our values.

But today, as you celebrate the birth of our great nation, spend time thanking God that He built our nation on a solid, moral, Biblical foundation. Though America is a far cry from where it stood atop that firm foundation, it is still the greatest nation on earth. Christians, until the Lord comes to redeem us, let’s fight to keep our Constitution intact and our nation “one nation under God!”

Bonus content: Here’s a throwback to beloved worship leader, Brad Eberly’s, challenge to consider our One Nation Under God. Listen carefully to the lyrics! Are you part of that nation? Enjoy!

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