Memorial Day 2021: Honoring Our Heroes

Today, I’m reminded of men and women in uniform, who gave all they had to keep us free. Tens of thousands of men and women have given their lives in the service of America, so that you and I might enjoy freedom in a great nation. Indeed, freedom is never free. American soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines paid the ultimate price for it.

Today, quiet your mind and consider the gift our military is to us, then pray for them.

  • Do you have family members who gave their lives for our country? God bless you, and may your family member’s memory be a blessing. America prays for you today.
  • Do you know other military members who gave their lives for our country? Pray for their families today.

This day and every day, many more military members are standing guard and fighting for our freedom. Let’s not wait to honor them as fallen heroes. Pray for their safety, and for their families today, as well.

To every person reading who has served, or who has family members who have served, I extend my deep gratitude for you. Thank you for your service, and may the Lord of Heavens Armies visit you with love and blessing.

Today we bow our heads and our hearts to You, Lord, that we may remember those who paid the ultimate price by giving their lives for their country. We can never be grateful enough for the sacrifices they made, and we are humbled by their willingness to put their own lives aside for the benefit of ours. Father, carve their sacrifices into our hearts so we may never forget the loss of these heroes.

We pray for this in the Holy name of Your son Jesus. Amen.

~Love to Know, accessed 5/26/2021

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