The Cost of Freedom

Welcome back friends! If you just stumbled in, we are in the midst of a series entitled Occupy Till I Come. That is Jesus’ instruction to us as believers and it simply means we must do business with His inheritance until He returns for us. To remain free in America, we must occupy!

However, Christians have given up ground. We have failed to engage in the battle for human souls and the enemy has taken what rightfully belongs to us. For example, our nation was founded on Biblical principles, and our forefathers were very careful to protect our religious freedom. Yet, today, we see it attacked as never before. It is time to get off the sidelines and into the game! We must fight to take back territory lost to the enemy! If we are to do business until He comes, we must preserve our right to gather and worship according to our own convictions.

Recently, Pastor Jack Hibbs (Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, CA) took a group from his church to Washington DC to discover America’s Christian heritage, and to learn to defend it. Together with them virtually, we can learn how to take back what has been stolen! Furthermore, a Biblically strong America will stand with Israel, as commanded in Genesis 12:3. Our nation is now falling to the side of curses, and committed, Spirit-filled Christians can change that. A Great Awakening is all that will save America from falling completely off our Godly foundation.

We’ve made 3 tour stops so far:

Today, we’ll take a quick journey to Arlington National Cemetery to learn the cost of such freedom:

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