Return to the Holy Land with Franklin Graham: Day 7 – Breakfast with Jesus

Today, we return to the Galilee area with Franklin Graham and his family because that’s where Jesus returned soon after His resurrection. Recall the disciples’ dejection at the death of Jesus. But on a quiet beach on the Sea of Galilee Jesus revealed Himself to His disciples in a very interesting way. Let’s listen in to the discussion.

This stop is actually one of my favorite places in all of Israel: Tabgha. Peter had denied Jesus, run away, and returned to his old life of fishing. Yet Jesus restored him…right here on the very shores from where He had called him to begin with! Jesus restores us all, but I can identify so readily with Peter! I know I will never be the same, having been there. Perhaps it is a place you will encounter the Living God in a most unique way as well.

Israel is filled with such places. Places where Jesus meets us in very specific, personal ways. Those who seek Him will find Him, and in Israel, those who long for Him will come away with experiences that never fade in memory!

We have custom-designed this tour, and we carved out the middle man and the “fluffy” stuff to make this a top quality tour at the best prices around. We stay in nice places and enjoy the best guides, busses and bus drivers in Israel. We didn’t skimp of the important stuff! The value of a trip like this is truly priceless. I hope you will consider joining us.

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