President Mike Pompeo 2024?

Are you fed up with politicians? Do you long for a Godly leader who truly seeks guidance from the Lord? Is it your wish that we have a strong America? Do you wish for principled leadership, willing to lead America in the ways of righteousness? Do you want a President who is unashamed to speak his mind, but tactful enough to make it palatable for everyone?

Yes, it is way too early for 2024 politics, but it is never too early to talk about a man who loves the Lord, who is an incredibly accomplished statesman, who is strong enough to move the nation forward, and who stands for righteousness rather than evil. Mike Pompeo could be that man!

His educational background (1st in his class at West Point, Harvard Law degree), as well as his decorated career as founder/CEO of an aerospace firm, Kansas Congressman, CIA Director, and US Secretary of State, reveals the kind of ability Pompeo has. But more importantly, Pompeo is a regular guy who taught 5th grade boys Sunday school for decades before heading to Washington to begin his political career. Since then, he has led faith-based initiatives on Capitol Hill and within the Trump administration.

He is a man who walks the walk. Even when dealing with tough issues such as North Korea, China and Iran, Pompeo had uncanny ability to stand firm and talk tough when need be, but always with calmness and respect for all. He continues to do that today, and is undoubtedly laying the groundwork for further public service.

I want to share a taste of character of Mike Pompeo. Take a listen to this recent interview as he shares what it was like to be America’s top diplomat, and his perspective on freedom in America and around the world:

Why do I share this? Because as the days in which we live grow darker and darker, it is important to have leaders who stand for righteousness, and it is important for us as believers to stand for righteousness. Pompeo is such a leader, and he demonstrates his faith by the way he lives.

The day has come for true followers of Jesus to take a stand. I don’t mean a political stand, though, if that is what God calls you to, then do it with all your might. The stand we must take here and now is one of obedience and courage. Are we willing to follow Jesus, no matter where He leads? Are we willing to submit to Him, and to trust that He will go before us in everything we do?

The reality is that we have turned a corner in this world, and we will never again return to “the good ‘ol days.” 2020 was a difficult year, but it may very well seem like a picnic compared to the world in which we may find ourselves in the next few years. If we don’t follow Jesus in obedience and courage today, how will we ever follow Him when things get tougher?

Let’s celebrate the Godly leaders God has given us for today, then let’s resolve to learn from them and become strong in our faith as troubling days come our way. When faced with difficult tasks and great battles, the Lord told Joshua, “Be strong and courageous!” As we face challenges in these last days, I believe the Lord speaks those same words to us!

Be strong and courageous!

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