7 Days in the Holy Land: Day 7 – The Mount of Olives

What a week it has been…and we’ve got one more day to go! Israel is such an incredible place and I want to take every one of you there! We’ll literally go there in October and we have a few open seats. Will you consider going to Israel with us? (Learn more here.) For those who can’t go for whatever reason, it is my pleasure to “take you there” through videos such as these. The first 6 are here, in case you missed any.

Now, we make our final stop: The Mount of Olives! Where such impacting events have already taken place, but also where one of the most incredible events of all time will happen. Stop for a moment to read Zechariah 14:1-4. What does Scripture say will happen here?

Indeed, following Jesus’s resurrection, He ascended into heaven from here…and one day, He will return to this very spot! But what are we to do until then? Franklin has the answer!

I hope you have enjoyed tagging along with the Graham’s! I also hope you will stick with us, as we are about to move into Passover week and there is much we can learn. See you back here as we explore Passover together!

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