The Equality Act is an Outrage!

This week, the Senate is debating The Equality Act, perhaps the most egregious bill ever proposed in US Congress. If you live in the US, I’m sure you’ve heard about it, but if not, here is the short take: the bill would “end discrimination” against pregnant women who wish to kill their babies, it would make it legal for men who think they are women to enter girls and women’s restrooms, locker rooms, safe houses, etc, it would jeopardize pastors, physicians and everyone else who has moral convictions by making them guilty of discrimination (and likely arrested and jailed). I could go on. In short it may be the most ungodly bill ever put before Congress.

Kudos to Newsweek (not a Christian publication) for boldly making the point of how grotesque this bill is:

I’ve often recommended that we contact our elected officials when there is something we feel strongly about. Moral issues should be one of those things every Christian stands for. Thus, I am again asking you to please get involved and make your voice heard. If we don’t speak up for the unborn, for innocent children, and for those who will be put in harms way by this horrid piece of legislation, who will?

Go to that website, find your state and click on the link to your Senator’s webpage. (You have 2 Senators, so contact them both!) There you will find a “Contact” link. Click it and you will find a comment form. Your message doesn’t have to be long….just a few sentences will do. Something like this:

Senator _____,
Thank you for your service to our state. I am writing to ask you to vote NO on the most horrific bill ever put before Congress: The Equality Act. Babies should not be killed in the womb, young girls should not be subjected to perversion of men who choose to "identify" as women, men should not dominate women's sports, and pastors and physician should not be put in jeopardy because of their convictions. Every one of these things goes against the God-given rights of those innocent people. Please display an example of moral integrity and vote NO on The Equality Act.

It’s that simple! Just do it! Let’s flood the inboxes and phone lines of our elected officials, no matter what party they represent!


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