Has George Soros Really Infiltrated the Church?

Not everything that happens in the church is of the church. 

~Is Apostasy Happening Now? (1/30/2021)

Good afternoon, gang! Do you remember the quote above from this morning’s post? Well, this afternoon we will confirm that, indeed, not everything that happens in the church is of the church. In other words, there are things being promoted in churches that are not Biblical, and God is not pleased. We unveiled some of those things this morning, and now we’ll see where the money trail leads.

I want to be clear that this is not an attack on any church or denomination. This is purely a real look at what’s out there, and the attempt by globalists to swing “religion” and churches toward their radically progressive agenda. The knock is not on the organizations, but on the agenda being carried out knowingly or unknowingly. This is real and we need to be aware…and steer clear of it!

Nothing is off limits for those wishing to impose a New World Order. For months the people of God have been locked down and isolated, either prohibited or discouraged from gathering together in fellowship around God’s Word. We are ripe for deception! Believers, evil people with evil agendas will come after us to lure us away from the One True God and His Word, to the lies of the evil one. Their methods are slick, and their deception is dangerous. For that reason, we must be in God’s Word, lest we fall into the enemy’s trap without even knowing it!

George Soros’s Open Society Foundation (as well as many others we outed yesterday) are providing grants to Catholic and evangelical groups, in support of globalist initiatives. Most of these groups likely started out with good, and perhaps Godly, intentions, but have somehow found themselves swayed by Soros and his globalist partners. Some are probably still doing good work on some fronts, but the money trail leads back to those who use them as “Christian mascots” in their agenda. Here are a few examples:


Sojourners define themselves as an “American Christian social justice organization.” They are a far left organization critical of Judeo-Christian values, and they have been financed by OSF, Ford, Rockefeller and Kellogg. Founder Jim Wallis once denied Soros backing, but was forced to recant when the money trail led undisputedly back to OSF. (See here.)

World Vision

Once a very well-respected organization matching sponsors to third-world children in need, World Vision has been hijacked by the globalist agenda as well. Funding from OSF, the Rockefeller Foundation and USAID now help promote unvetted mass migration as part of the open borders agenda, so critical to the New World Order.

Faith in Public Life

Another professed Christian organization led by Jim Wallis is Faith in Public Life, committed to “changing the narrative about the role of faith in politics, winning major progressive policy victories, and empowering new religious leaders to fight for social justice.” Their projects include LBGTQ, mass migration and Black Lives Matter, and they are financed by the Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation and OSF.

Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention

Having grown up Southern Baptist and having a great deal of respect for sound teaching I received, this one greatly concerns me, though I will say there is no DIRECT connection with Soros. Make no mistake, the SBC continues to do incredible work, including sending missionaries around the world to spread the Gospel. However, here is the concern: Russell Moore, president of the ERLC co-leads the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) with leftist Jim Wallis. The EIT is supported by the National Immigration Forum, which supports illegal immigration. Take a guess where the primary funding comes from for NIF. Yes…Open Society Foundation (OSF). To be clear, as far as I can tell, the ERLC is NOT funded by OSF, NIF or EIT. But the president of ERLC, co-leads EIT (with Jim Wallis), and the money trail to EIT does lead to Soros. Separately, there are indications, though, that ERLC may be facilitating the growth of Islam, mass immigration and Critical Race Theory, all of which are part of the globalist agenda. Be careful little feet where you go! Walking too close to the fire singes your toes!

You can get your hands on the same resources I obtained through D James Kennedy Ministries (not a ministry I typically follow, but offered helpful resources), and verified via InfluenceWatch.org. You can also view a short, informative video containing additional information on some of the groups listed above. There are many other Catholic and evangelical groups receiving funding from Soros and company and they are named in the DJKM resources.

Again, I’ll stress: some of these ministries may be doing good work on other fronts, and I certainly do not doubt the salvation of anyone mentioned. Only God knows a person’s heart. The only point here is this: the schemes of the enemy are insidious, therefore, we must be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. (Matthew 10:16) The world would like to swallow us whole, and apostasy comes upon the church when the world has us in its jaws. Believers, not everything in the church is of the church! Walk wisely and do not allow the enemy to take ground!

Whew! It has been an action-packed series this week. Tomorrow we will spend time in quiet meditation in God’s Word before returning to America, Israel and the Church on Monday. Stick with us, as we turn our focus toward Bible prophecy and what we see playing out right before our eyes!

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