US Capitol Building Breached: A Sad Day in American History

As of this writing, Trump protesters in Washington DC have breached the Capitol Building, and reports of tear gas and gun fire have surfaced.

Despite fraudulent elections and seemingly ineffective debates in the Senate and House regarding the objection to Arizona electoral votes, it is a very sad day when citizens stoop beneath the law to disturb the process. This is still breaking news, so lots of detail is yet to be learned.

Our nation is broken. My hope for this day was that evidence might be presented and solutions put forth to begin working toward saving one of our most cherished Constitutional privileges: voting in clean and fair elections. Now, the media and liberal left have every reason to point fingers at “conservatives” and patriotic Americans who back President Trump. (If, indeed these were Trump supporters, not impersonations.) The liberal left now has exactly what it wants, simply because a fraction of protesters chose to take it upon themselves to break into the US Capitol and create havoc.

Friends, this was already a huge day in American history and was declared a day of prayer and fasting by many religious leaders. Now, we are in all out spiritual warfare. Will you please turn to Ephesians 6:10-17, put on the armor, and go to battle against the powers of darkness? This is a spiritual battle and as believers, we must take up battle position…on our knees.


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