Let Thanksgiving be Your Guide!

Happy Day after Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

As we round the turn and begin to see the finish line of 2020, I suspect most of us are eager to cross that finish line! The year has been a tough one in so many ways. Most likely all of us have family or friends who have been significantly impacted by COVID, and as I look at the damage done to our nation (on so many levels), I pray that we remain strong.

Many people wait until the new year to make resolutions, setting their minds on lofty goals that generally fall by the wayside and are forgotten by February! So, I want to challenge us to consider something a little different.

How do you want 2021 to look? More importantly, do you have an indication of God’s direction for you in the coming weeks, months and years? Could it be possible that now is the time to begin seeking the Lord, asking Him to direct our steps as we prepare for 2021?

Every direction is unique because God’s direction for each of us is as different as our thumb prints! No two are alike. But I urge you to consider this question: How healthy are you? I’m not talking only about physical health, but overall health. Let’s examine overall health and consider whether or not the Lord wants to strengthen us in the coming days.

  • Faith – how strong is your faith right now? Are you at your spiritual peak, trusting and believing our Lord Jesus Christ is fully in contorl of your circumstances and your life? In what ways might He want to deepen your faith in 2021? Will you allow Him to do so?
  • Family – fo you have healthy and vibrant relationships with your husband, wife, kids, and others in your immediate and extended family? Are you a godly influence to your family, and are you leading them to be the same? Could He be preparing to mend brokenness, heal hurts and reconcile relationships? Are you on board with His plans for your family?
  • Relationships with others – are you at odds with someone and know you should be reconciled? Have you tread on others to make way for yourself? What if God Almighty wants to rule and reign in relationships? Will you allow Him?
  • Finances – 2020 has been a difficult year financially for those who have lost jobs or have been constrained in other ways. Is your financial health at its best? Regardless of how little or how much you have, do your finances reflect trust in a Sovereign God who promises to care for you? Might He be asking you to surrender your finances (and the burdens that come with them) to Him?
  • Work – how healthy is your work environment? Has your schedule been re-shuffled, your tasks become too large, or your responsibilities overly burdensome? Are tissues wedged between you and co-workers? Might the Lord be re-configuring either your career path or your current responsibilities? Do you trust Him with those?
  • Health – how is your overall physical health? Has COVID (or other circumstances) robbed you of healthy eating, good exercise, and the sheer will to get out and be active? Are you battling illness that needs a healing touch from the One who is able to heal us and sustain us? Might the Holy Spirit be reclaiming His dwelling place (our bodies)?

Understand that I am not suggesting we make resolutions. Statistical data proves those to be utterly useless for the vast majority of people. Instead, I am inviting you to honestly assess your health in all areas, and to join me in seeking the Lord in the closing days of 2020, trusting His faithful guidance for those of us willing to be still and know that He is God! He is speaking if we are listening!

He speaks to us directly through His Word, and I like to listen that way. Open your Bible and intermingle prayer with short passages of Scripture. Pray His Word! He will always honor His Word, so use it as a communication tool! I promise you, your prayer life will get a huge boost if you do so! (Look for the example below!)

Our world is a mess, and according to Bible prophecy, it will almost assuredly get worse. As believers, will we stand strong or will we surrender to the pressures of this world? Will we do our best to survive, or will we THRIVE by the power of the Holy Spirit who lives and works within us! With thanksgiving as our guide, let’s seek Him and all He has for us in the days ahead.

Hint: here's one way to pray using your Bible.  In a Bible app such as BibleGateway, search "give thanks He is good" and pray through some of those verses!  For example, Psalm 118 comes up in that search list.  Pray through the chapter, inserting yourself  as the one giving praise to the Lord.

I believe Jesus is coming for His bride soon, and I want to be ready! I’m committing to pray through each of the points above each day for the remainder of 2020. Will you dare to join me? Let’s expect great things from a great God!

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