Is the Fight for Conservative Justices Worth it? Just Ask Israeli Conservatives!

Interestingly, the battle for conservative Supreme Court justices has played out further down the road in Israel than it has in America, and Americans would be wise to learn valuable lessons from our Jewish friends.

A battle is brewing over the confirmation of the latest nomination of conservative judge, Amy Coney Barrett. President Trump has wisely chosen a staunch conservative, family-oriented nominee who is a steadfast constitutionalist. Will she survive the onslaught of name-smearing, character-destroying vitriol that is sure to come? Furthermore, is it worth the fight?

I believe it is, and it seems there are important lessons to learn from what we see happening in Israel as court justices have been allowed to legislate rather than adjudicate. Caroline Glick articulates it clearly:

Israel’s Cautionary Tale for Risk-Averse Republicans

Christian friends, the US and Israel hold much in common, and both appear to be on the brink of being overrun by liberalism that flies in the face of God’s Word and His plan for His chosen people (Jews) and His “grafted in people” (Christians). Together, we are under attack within our own countries. Please pray for repentance in our lands, and for God’s mercy, grace and favor to linger among us for another season.

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