Mike Pompeo: “My Faith Shapes my Work”…including His Stance on Israel

Recently, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was a keynote speaker at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, where he freely shared how faith is foundational to his work as US Secretary of State. Following an introduction by his wife who emphasized Pompeo’s Godly character, he unashamedly stated that, as the top American diplomat, foreign policy is based on Godly values and principles.

At the 18:45 mark (of the 28-minute video below), Pompeo’s attention turns to American policy regarding Israel, where he reiterated his faith shapes his work. Touting our Judeo-Christian roots and quoting Scripture passages, Pompeo went on to discuss the importance of America’ partnership with Israel.

Equally important, Mike Pompeo noted the fight this administration has taken to defend religious freedom, as well as the right to life. Again, his words were firm and sure that those values will will remain defended!

I am so proud of strong, outspoken American governmental leaders who stand firmly and unashamedly on God’s Word and make it no secret! I pray for our Secretary of State, our Vice President and many other strong Christians serving us. If not for Godly influence, who knows the shape our government would be in!

Here is State Secretary Pompeo’s recent speech. Enjoy…and pray for him as he leads.

PS: Mike Pompeo for President 2024? I think he’s got what it takes!

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