Anne Graham Lotz Calls Us to Prayer

While enjoying camping, fun, fellowship, worship and the Word of God with friends over the weekend, I was unaware of Anne Graham Lotz’s call to prayer on Pentecost Sunday. However, given all we are facing, it resonates so strongly in my heart, and I am so convinced the Lord is eagerly waiting for us as believers to cry out to Him. Thus, I’m hitting the rewind button on her call to prayer, knowing that God is not bound by time!

Anne’s call was to women, but it is certainly appropriate for both men and women, so I invite all to hear and heed her call, as it is our blessed privilege as believers to cry out in unison for God to pour out His wisdom, mercy and grace. We are in such need of those things.

No matter what day or time you read this, please join the plea for the Holy Spirit to pour out His power upon us afresh, as He did the first time at Pentecost. Our cities, states and nations need an awakening, and it will come ONLY as Christians bow humbly before our God, seek His face and pray earnestly to Him. This is a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

Turn to Jesus: A Call to Prayer (by Anne Graham Lotz)

Please don’t miss the link at the end of that document, as it will take you to amazing worship! After praying, I hope you will quieten your heart and allow that song to take you into the presence of our Lord with sweet worship.

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